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  • Additional residential space
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  • Universal permanent storage
  • Long-term shipping commitments

Looking to buy a container? We can help you find the right size and condition for your needs.

London Container built years of business relationship and strong ties with intermodal equipment providers and shipping lines. It helps us have access to a large variety of containers, either new or used, at very competitive prices.

We can source any container’s type for freight, shipping, storage, home & space improvement, or for any of your personal and professional projects, and any size you need, including 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft lengths (standard) and their (HighCube) counterparts.

You name it, we will find it for you.

Our dedicated team is committed to source quality containers at low prices to help you, the end user, get it for the lowest price possible on the market.

We are very confident that our containers pricing is the lowest. However, if you happen to find any offer less than ours, we will gladly study the possibility of matching it.

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 Buying Guide

Shipping Containers, or sea cans, are reusable rugged steel enclosures designed to transport cargo on trucks, trains and ships. They are easy to transport, secure, waterproof, rodent proof, and fire resistant. They are engineered to be stackable and self supporting from their 4 corner castings, allowing them to be safely placed on most flat firm surfaces with minimal site preparation.

These unique benefits also make shipping containers a cost effective building block that can be modified into just about anything. They can be used for storage, container homes, retail stores, restaurants, portable offices, workshops, generator enclosures, water treatment facilities, complex multilevel buildings or whatever you can imagine.

Built to last in the roughest conditions, these ingenious multipurpose enclosures can hold their value for decades, being repaired, re-purposed and modified numerous times before eventually being recycled back into steel.

The shipping industry is highly standardized. The base units are 20ft and 40ft Corten steel shipping containers, with marine treated plywood floors and floor to ceiling container doors at one end. They are 8ft wide and either 8.5ft high (standard) or 9.5 high (High Cube). Making these the most commonly available, utilized and easiest to transport.

Container sizes include, 10ft, 20ft, 40ft, 45ft, and 53ft lengths (standard) and their (High Cube) counter parts.

Specialty containers can also be sourced. This includes but is not limited to, Double door containers, with doors at each end of the container. Open side containers, accordion style doors opening on the entire side of the container. Open top containers and refrigerated containers for storing perishable goods. Bulk orders can also be accommodated.

Because the age and history of containers varies so widely, they tend to be based on condition. Using a grading system to distinguish between conditions. Our New/Used shipping containers are sourced directly from shipping lines or major leasing companies.

One Trip (new) containers are fabricated at point of origin and complete one trip across sea. They are near flawless in condition, if not perfect.

CWO means “cargo worthy” containers can still be used for export and certified for shipment. Not as perfect as a One Trip. Minor cosmetic blemishes, surface rust, minor dents and scratches.

WWT means “wind & water tight” containers can longer be certified for shipment. More likely to have small to medium dents, more surface rust, scratches, mismatched paint and prior repairs. Contains no holes. Waterproof.

As-Is containers are older or damaged units, they have more limited applications, sold As-Is, at lower prices. They provide the best value to those who don’t mind the condition, or who are capable of performing any needed repairs.

Buying New or Used depends on your budget, timeline, and application. New containers can last for decades. They have lower maintenance requirements, hold their resale value and are cosmetically more attractive. Used containers are suitable for many applications, export or storage use. While they may have some dents and surface rust, our used containers are thoroughly inspected, repaired if needed. All containers before dispatch are structurally sound, wind & water tight, fire resistant, vermin proof. With good doors, door seals and floors. Providing many years of everlasting use.

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