Ideal for seasonal shipping, storage, or home/business moving.


  • House/residential moving
  • Seasonal projects
  • Short-term storage
  • Construction workers on-site housing

Need to rent a container for moving, temporary storage needs, or any given reason? We can help you with that.

We, at London Container, specialize in portable storage solutions.

We provide various moving storage options to fit all your use-cases. Our storage units are dependable, flexible, and can be adapted to any of your commercial, industrial, general purpose use.

You can, for example, use it to protect your equipment, move your merchandise or machinery, create additional storage space when you have a pick of activity, or extend your home or office facilities at events.

Our portable storage units can be handy when moving your house or office. With the right size, you can put everything you own in one place, move it to your new destination, and unload it.

Our qualified staff delivers the rented unit to the agreed location and removes it once you are done with it. We also take care of the maintenance too. You just focus on using it for the intended needs. We take care of the rest.

Want to make your rented unit permanent by buying it? We can arrange that for you without having to change your unit you use.

Get your free quote within 24h (no obligation or commitment) by calling 519-933-0766 or by using the following quotation form.

We would love to help you. So don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any question. We always respond!

 Rental Guide

First, give us a call at 519-933-0766 or submit your request for a quote online. If you request you’re quote online, you will receive a follow up call or email from our team, usually within 1 business day. To begin the rental process, you will need a valid Visa or MasterCard and you will need to fill out a rental agreement. Once this is done, we can usually deliver your storage container within 24 hours.

There are a lot of variables, but in most cases you can move the contents (excluding appliances) of a 2 to 3 bedroom home in one 20’ container. Homes with more than 3 bedrooms will usually require an additional 10’ or 20’ container.

If your plans change and you no longer need to rent a moving or storage container, it is free to cancel your order. Just contact us as soon as possible to make this change.

We would prefer that you or a designated contact person be present the first time we deliver your container. However, if this is not possible, talk to our team about other arrangements. We would require a detailed explanation of placement or markers to make sure the Box is placed in the desired location.

Renting is quick and cost effective.  Please call us at 519-933-0766 to place your order, or submit a quote request and someone from our friendly team will contact you, via phone or email.

You will be asked the following information to complete your Rental:

  • How long you plan on renting the container for
  • The size of the container you are looking for
  • Your billing address and contact information
  • Your credit card information
  • Your delivery address (if applicable)
  • Any information you can provide about your delivery site
  • Preferred delivery date

Our Team will use the above information to complete a Rental contract.  Your delivery will be arranged as soon as a signed agreement is received and payment has been processed

The following aspects of renting are important to note:

  • We provide high quality rental units, for moving and storage. Pleasing to the eye, blending in with your surroundings. Perfect for high visibility applications.
  • Delivery costs to and from your site are in addition to the rental rate.
  • Our minimum rental charge is for 1 month; however you can return the unit at any time, or rent as long as you desire.
  • When you no longer need your container, let us know and we will arrange for pickup.
  • To ensure consistent quality for our customers, rentals are inspected prior to delivery and after they are returned.
  • 20’ Steel Container
    $140/ month