Add-ons & Accessories

Divider Wall

The Quick Fit Divider wall requires no bolting or welding to the container leaving absolutely no evidence of ever being installed once removed. Installation takes less than twenty minutes and can be installed in just about any location within the container.

Pipe Rack

The Quick Fit Pipe Rack provides four support arms mounted at 30 degrees to enhance volume capabilities. Each support arm is gusseted for added strength and includes a roll stop to enhance safety within your containers.

Shelf Bracket

This Quick Fit Three Shelf unit uses two – 2×10 pieces of construction grade wood per shelf (not included), resulting in a shelf that is 18 1/2 inches deep. The load rating is 550 lbs. per bracket arm and 1100 lbs. per bracket. Two brackets means you have 2200 lbs. loading capacity.

Lock Box (puck)

The construction of the puck lock makes tampering with the locking system difficult. Easy to install for added security.

Block Lock

High security shackle with maximum cut resistance due to hardened steel and chrome plated construction.

Round Lock

For extra security, can be added to any of the four container handle lashings.

Twist Lock

These locks are made to fit in the corner castings of the container. Place the pins in the corner casting and twist to lock the stacked containers together.

Bridge Fitting

These locks are made to fit in the bottom or top of the container. Place into the corner casting to lock containers side by side or end to end.


These Quick Fit Vents add extra ventilation to the container.

CSC Plating

Customers wanting to ship internationally will require new CSC inspection to make sure their container still meets standard to ship.


Heavy Duty Ramps for use with a fork lift, or any rolling wheel Items.